10 LEGO Star Wars Sets That Will Never Get Made

Although LEGO has released hundreds of various vehicles, characters, and locations inspired by the Star Wars galaxy, there are plenty that may never get made. The galaxy far, far away is a very big franchise of several interconnected movies, shows, games, and books. With a pool of continuity and lore that big, it’s only natural that LEGO hasn’t been able to give everything the brick-bulk treatment (and it’s virtually impossible). However, there are some sets fans have wanted for years with the demand inexplicably not being met.

Receiving the license in 1999, LEGO has provided some of the most popular Star Wars toys and merchandise of all time, and the product line is consistently one of the LEGO Group’s best-selling brands. However, there are still major ships, locations, and moments from the franchise that still haven’t been made, and perhaps never will due to size, complexity, and in some cases even subject matter. Here are 10 Star Wars sets that will likely never get made by LEGO.

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10 Jedi Temple

The sunsets behind the Jedi Temple on Coruscant as a small ship flies towards it

The planet Coruscant lies near the center of the galaxy, serving as the capital world of the Republic while also being home to the Jedi Order during the prequels with their massive Jedi Temple. An impressive ziggurat with multiple towers, the Jedi Temple was where the majority of the Jedi lived and trained in the ways of the Force, becoming a major location as seen in the prequel films as well as in the Clone Wars animated series. It also became Palpatine’s Imperial Palace once during the reign of his Empire after the Jedi Purge.

Remarkably, LEGO has yet to make a set based on the Jedi Temple, though size likely plays a role. After all, it is rather huge and even an Ultimate Collector’s Series version would require a lot of pieces, translating to a very high cost. That said, perhaps a midi-scale version could be the solution.

9 Trade Federation Lucrehulk

Star Wars Lucrehulk Droid Control Ship sits above Naboo during the blockade of the planet in The Phantom Menace

For many of the same reasons, the LEGO Group has yet to make a set based on the Trade Federation’s Lucrehulk-class battleship either. Used during the planetary blockade of Naboo in The Phantom Menace and in other planetary campaigns during the Clone Wars, Lucrehulks are some of the most recognizable ships belonging to the Separatist forces and their droid armies. However, size does play a factor, as well as the fact that LEGO sets based on Separatist vehicles don’t receive the same love as others. Also, it’s been a few years since Lucrehulks were prominently featured in the Star Wars canon (excluding the one featured in Jedi: Survivor).

8 Stinger Mantis

The Mantis on Shattered Moon in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Speaking of Jedi: Survivor, it would be very exciting to see a LEGO set based on the Stinger Mantis, the classic ship owned by Greez Dritus and flown by the titular Jedi survivor Cal Kestis. Although a model of Cal’s loyal droid BD-1 was released in 2022, it’s very rare for LEGO to make sets based on Star Wars games at all. They do happen every once in a blue moon, but there’s no telling if the Stinger Mantis will also get the brick-built treatment seeing as how the market is logically smaller to those who are also fans of the Jedi franchise and have actually played the games.

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7 Senate Chambers

Senate In LEGO Star Wars

The Senate Chamber was a massive audience room where countless worlds were represented in the Republic. It’s also where Emperor Palpatine dueled Yoda in Revenge of the Sith. A LEGO set depicting this scene would need to be quite large, likely as a UCS set. However, LEGO’s new diorama format for Star Wars sets could be the answer.

Palpatine and Yoda couple be dueling on the center platform with forced-perspective techniques and smaller bricks being used to make the repulsor pods seem further away. However, it’s been 18 since Revenge of the Sith, so it’s hard to tell if the scene will ever get the LEGO treatment. The diorama format has worked very well as seen with the Emperor’s Throne Room Diorama (75353)or Dagobah Jedi Training Diorama (75330).

6 Geonosis Arena

Geonosis Arena in LEGO Star Wars

The same is true for the Geonosis Arena from Attack of the Clones which came out over 20 years ago. Despite being one of the most iconic moments in the movie and the prequel trilogy in general, the LEGO Group has never made a set based on the gladiatorial battle between Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padmè against three vicious creatures, Mace Windu and the Jedi arriving to rescue them, and Yoda bringing the calvary with the Republic’s new clone army. It seems like a no-brainer for a LEGO set, and yet it’s never been made (perhaps due to the number of minifigures needed).

5 Palpatine’s Exegol Throne Room

LEGO Rey and Kylo on Exegol

Coming from the sequel trilogy which has not received a LEGO set since 2020, a model depicting Palpatine’s Exegol Throne Room does feel necessary. Despite the controversial reception to the trilogy, the final reckoning between Rey, a redeemed Ben Solo, and the resurrected Palpatine on the Sith world of Exegol is still a major moment bringing about the conclusion of the Skywalker saga. However, the odds of LEGO revisiting the sequels anytime soon seems slim, as their focus of late has primarily been on sets centered around the new Star Wars shows on Disney+ combined with sets from the more popular original and prequel trilogies.

4 Ahsoka vs Darth Vader Malachor Duel

Darth Vader Ahsoka Trailer Tease Image

As seen in Star Wars Rebels, the duel between Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano on top of Malachor’s Sith Temple would be an incredible LEGO set. It’s practically begging to be made with the diorama format. However, the LEGO Group hasn’t made a Star Wars Rebels set since the show was still airing on Disney XD back in 2017. The only reason Rebels’ iconic ship The Ghost is being remade in 2023 is because it will be prominently featured in the upcoming Ahsoka series.

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3 Order 66

Anakin Skywalker and the 501st in Revenge of the Sith.

The odds of LEGO ever depicting a set from Order 66 are quite low. After all, it was a night of horror where the vast majority of the Jedi were executed across the galaxy, including those still residing within the Jedi Temple. However, a hooded minifigure of Anakin Skywalker recently corrupted as Darth Vader leading the 501st Legion up the Temple steps would be a very impressive, albeit dark, model as one of the most iconic scenes from Revenge of the Sith.

2 Royal Naboo Starcruiser

Queen Amidala's royal starship from Naboo

As cool as it is, it seems unlikely that the LEGO Group will ever release a model of the all-chrome Royal Naboo Starcruiser as seen in The Phantom Menace. Used to escape the Trade Federation’s blockade, the Royal Naboo Starcruiser is an iconic ship that also brought R2-D2 into the ongoing narrative of the Skywalker saga. While it’s possible that it could one day be released using a combination of both gray and silver pieces instead, a perfect recreation would likely be too costly.

1 Fortress Inquisitorius

Fortress Inquisitorius stands in the ocean on the water world of Nur Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Although a model of Darth Vader’s Castle was released in 2018, it seems unlikely that the Fortress Inquisitorius will get the same brick-built treatment. Despite having been featured in both Jedi: Fallen Order and the recent Obi-Wan Kenobi series, the design of the structure is very similar to Vader’s fortress albeit simpler and more streamlined. Vader’s is certainly the more imposing of the two. Nevertheless, the similarity will likely prevent LEGO from ever adding the Fortress Inquisitorius to their ever-popular Star Wars line.

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