Best Motorcycle Camping Gear of 2023

What’s the biggest mistake new motorcycle campers make?

They focus on the cooking-and-eating aspect of their packout–but here’s the thing about being on the road: it’s a lot cheaper and easier to find a meal than a bed. Get your sleeping situation right before you worry too much about the cooking setup.

What’s the big fuss about titanium gear?

In aerospace and cycling, titanium is popular because it’s lightweight, flexible, and durable. All of those things are important for campers, too, but titanium is really worth the extra money because it doesn’t rust or corrode.

Rain and moisture will be your constant companion on a lot of trips. Trust me, you don’t want to start your dinner by scraping the rust off a “stainless” knife or fork.

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What’s the best strategy to pack your gear?

Realistically, you pack it so it fits. That won’t always be the most convenient or usable way. If you’re working with Jesse boxes or other large storage, try to pack in the reverse order of how you’ll use it each night.

Load with the sleeping bag, then pack the tent, then the cooking gear. Lastly, make sure your rain and/or cold-weather clothing is on top. That way you’re taking stuff out in order as you need it.


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