China approves 89 gaming titles in September · TechNode

The National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA), China’s gaming regulator, approved 89 domestic games on Monday as the country’s authorities continue to green-light a steady stream of titles following its previous freeze on new titles. As of September, China has approved a total of 757 new games in 2023, comprising 699 domestic games and 58 imported games. The new batch of approvals, following several months of similar-sized tranches of games allowed to go public, continues to alleviate industry concerns around the granting of new gaming licenses. Among the most highly anticipated gaming titles in September are Lost Castle by Migu (a subsidiary of China Mobile), Battle Through Heaven by CMGE Technology, Doula Continent by Kingnet Network, Ares Virus 2 by Qingci Games, and Son-in-Law by 37 Interactive Entertainment. [NPPA, in Chinese]

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