Does TikTok Notify Anyone When You Screenshot or Screen Record?

Key Takeaways

  • TikTok does not notify users when someone screenshots or screen records their content.
  • If you’re a content creator, that means TikTok won’t notify you when someone screenshots or screen records your content.

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Do you want to screenshot or screen record someone’s TikTok content but are worried they’ll find out? Or are you a content creator wanting to know if TikTok will alert you when someone makes copies of your work in the form of screenshots or screen records? We answer those questions here in this guide. Let’s dive in.

Does TikTok Send Screenshot or Screen Recording Notifications?

Although Snapchat alerts people when someone screenshots or screen records their content, TikTok doesn’t notify anyone when you do so. That means you can screenshot and screen record content on TikTok freely, without any fear of people getting notifications you’ve done so.

Does TikTok Notify You When Someone Screenshots or Screen Records Your Videos?

If you’re a content creator on TikTok, though, you may be disappointed to learn that the platform doesn’t notify you when someone screenshots or screen records your videos. Any user with access to your account can make copies of your work freely, without you knowing anything about it at all.

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Can You Disable Screenshot or Screen Recording on Your TikTok Videos?

No, you can’t prevent people from taking screenshots or making screen records of your TikTok content. However, you can take a few measures to tighten your TikTok account’s security. For example, you can choose your videos’ audience, so only select people can watch them. This prevents random strangers from copying your content.

Here are a few ways to make your account a little more private on TikTok.

Change Your Videos’ Audience

One way to ensure only select people can watch your videos is by changing your video audience. TikTok allows you to set your audience to «Everyone,» «Friends,» or «Only You.» Friends are these are followers who you follow back.

For the videos that you’ve yet to post, on the «Post» screen, tap the current audience and choose your new video audience. For existing videos, open the video, select the three dots on the right side, tap «Privacy Settings,» and choose your audience.

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Audience options for a video in the TikTok app.

Make Your Account Private

To ensure only your followers can see your posted content, you can turn your TikTok account private. This allows you to share your content with your selected people, and any new followers will have to be approved by you to watch your content.

To make that change, launch TikTok on your phone, navigate to Profile, then hit the three horizontal lines and head to Settings and Privacy > Privacy. Now turn on «Private Account.»

'Private Account' highlighted on the 'Privacy' screen in TikTok mobile app.

Turn Off the Download Option for Your Videos

TikTok lets you disable the download option for your videos, so you can prevent people from saving your videos to their devices. Note that people can still screenshot or screen record your content.

'Video Downloads' highlighted on the 'Downloads' screen in TikTok's mobile app.

To disable the download option, in TikTok, navigate to Profile, then hit the three horizontal lines and head to Settings and Privacy > Privacy > Downloads. Here, turn off the «Video Downloads» option.

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