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Helmed by Gail Harvey, ‘Christmas on Cherry Lane’ is a Hallmark Channel movie about three couples living on Cherry Lane, each in a very different scenario in their relationship. Zian and Mike rush to complete their Kitchen renovations before Christmas while preparing to welcome a foster child into their family. Regina, a single mother with teenage kids, introduces her boyfriend to them with an awkward meet and greet.

Having just moved into their new house on Cherry Lane, Lizzie and John are surprised by their family on Christmas Eve. The atmosphere is warm with festivities and heartwarming stories as the tales of the three couples intertwine, making one wonder if the delightful Cherry Lane is a real place, and if not, where it was filmed.

Christmas on Cherry Lane Shooting Locations

‘Christmas on Cherry’ was filmed entirely in Vancouver, British Columbia, as the neighborhood of Cherry Lane is a fictional one. Principal photograph began in late June 2023 and was wrapped up by July 1, 2023. Let us take a look at the filming location chosen to lens the Holiday movie.

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Vancouver, British Columbia

The west coast city of Vancouver served as a comprehensive filming location for ‘Christmas on Cherry Lane.’ Renowned as Hollywood North, Vancouver has become a sought-after filming destination for various movies, including enchanting Christmas films. Its diverse landscapes, from picturesque mountains to scenic waterfronts, offer an ideal backdrop for crafting heartwarming holiday narratives.

Charming neighborhoods adorned with festive lights, cozy cafes, and snow-covered streets evoke the perfect yuletide atmosphere for storytelling. Vancouver’s versatile settings, coupled with the support of a robust film industry and skilled production crews, have made it an enticing choice, leading to the creation of a multitude of captivating Christmas movies in the city. These include ‘Christmas with the Kranks,’ ‘It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie,’ ‘Deck the Halls,’ and ‘The Santa Clause 2.’

On set, cast and crew members were seen singing and dancing in the early Christmas cheer of their creation, as the filming was wrapped up. The crew had set up their equipment both on the street as well as indoors. The suburban homes chosen for filming were decked out with Christmas paraphernalia, their bright rooms and corridors inciting a homely warmth reminiscent of one’s own family gathering in the holiday season.

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Christmas on Cherry Lane Cast

‘Christmas on Cherry Lane’ is headlined by six leads, essentially creating three storylines and overlaying them in one film. Catherine Bell and James Denton enact the older couple as Regina and Nelson, and have previously co-starred in the TV series ‘JAG.’ Catherine Bell began her acting career at a very young age and has since starred in films such as ‘Bruce Almighty,’ ‘Good Witch,’ and ‘Army Wives.’ A prolific theatre actor, James Denton has starred in productions such as ‘Desperate Housewives,’ ‘Threat Matrix,’ and ‘The Pretender.’

Jonathan Bennett and Vincent Rodriguez essay Mike and Zain, the same-sex couple. Jonathan is a recognizable face from ‘Mean Girls,’ ‘Van Wilder: Freshman Year,’ and ‘Awkward.’ Vincent can be seen in productions such as ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,’ ‘With Love,’ and ‘Designated Survivor.’ John Brotherton and Erin Cahill star as Lizzie and John, the new couple in the neighborhood. You might have seen Erin acting out roles in ‘Sleepy Hollow,’ ‘Power Rangers Time Force,’ and ‘Saving Grace.’

Meanwhile, John Brotherton can be seen performing in prominent films and shows such as, ‘Furious 7,’ ‘Fuller House,’ and ‘The Conjuring.’ Other cast members include Fred Henderson as Frank Sawyer, Amanda Khan as Ann Porter, Garrett Black as Greg Johnston, Eva Tavares as Ivy, James Kot as Brett, Ezra Wilson as Peter Sawyer, Darby Steeves as Vicky Baker, Milana Wan as Tina, Ashton Lim as Sam, and Simon Farrell as Hector.

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