Get a Year’s Subscription to NeuroNation for 52% Off

Your brain isn’t a muscle, but it still benefits from daily training. Drifting focus and a foggy memory can be frustrating, but you may be able to help your brain get into gear by running it through a few specialized workouts every day. That’s the idea behind NeuroNation Brain Training.

This app gives you personalized brain training exercises that could help you incrementally improve your focus, boost your memory, and juice up your mental acuity. Right now, you can get a yearlong subscription to the app for $39.99, 52% off the regular price.

An app to help you train your brain

Science suggests an app like NeuroNation really can improve brain function: In a long-term study conducted by the MSH Medical School of Hamburg and the University of Würzburg, notable improvement was found in performance in the skillsets NeuroNation targets in participants engaging regularly in 15-minute activities and games.

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When you first launch the app, you’ll be led through a brief assessment to gauge your strengths and weaknesses in a few areas. Once your results have been tallied, NeuroNation will generate a personalized set of brain games and other fun mental exercises. These can range from practicing quick math, to solving riddles, to memory games and logic tests.

While nothing can magically give your brain a boost overnight, there’s some compelling evidence that even just improving your math skills with daily games can improve your logical and analytical thinking.

Give your brain a workout

Play brain games for brain gains: Get a one-year subscription to NeuroNation for $39.99, 52% off the regular price (though prices may change at any time).


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