How to Get Sound on Reddit

Key Takeaways

  • Enable sound in Reddit’s iPhone and Android app by tapping the speaker icon during video playback.
  • On the Reddit website, click the speaker icon in the bottom-right corner of the video screen to unmute it.
  • If the sound is still not working, check if silent mode is enabled on your device and update your Reddit app if necessary.

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Do your Reddit videos play without sound on your desktop, iPhone, or Android device? If so, you or someone else may have disabled Reddit’s sound option, causing your videos not to play the audio. We’ll show you how to fix that so you have the audio in all your Reddit videos.

Enable Sound in Reddit’s iPhone and Android App

If you’re using Reddit on your iPhone or Android phone and aren’t getting the audio in your videos, tap an option in the app to unmute your videos.

To do that, launch Reddit on your phone and play your video.

When your video plays, in the bottom-right corner, tap the speaker icon. Ensure there’s no «x» icon next to the speaker icon (an «x» icon next to the speaker icon indicates the current video is muted).

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Tap the speaker icon.

Your video will now play the audio as well.

If you’re an iPhone (iOS) user and your video still doesn’t play the video, turn off Reddit’s quiet mode on your phone. Do that by opening Reddit, tapping your profile icon, choosing «Settings,» and disabling «Quiet Audio Mode.»

Get Sound on Reddit’s Desktop Website

If you’re using Reddit in a web browser on your Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer, use an option on the video screen itself to unmute the video.

To do that, first, launch Reddit.com and access your video.

When your video plays, in the video screen’s bottom-right corner, click the speaker icon. This will remove the «x» icon next to the speaker icon, indicating you’ve turned off the mute mode.

Select the speaker icon.

Your video will now play the audio. Enjoy.

What to Do If Reddit Still Doesn’t Play Sound

If you don’t get sound for your videos on Reddit despite following the above methods, something else may be off on your devices. Here, we offer a few troubleshooting tips to make your videos play the audio as well.

Turn Off Silent Mode on Your Device

When you don’t get audio for your Reddit videos, ensure your device’s silent mode or mute isn’t enabled. You or someone else may have silenced on your iPhone, Android phone, or desktop computer, causing your videos or other items to not play the audio.

In this case, unmute your system sound, and your issue will be fixed.

  • iPhone: Flip the switch on the side of your iPhone so you don’t see the orange color behind the switch anymore. This indicates you’ve come out of Silent mode, and you’re now in Ring mode.
  • Android: On most Android phones, press the Volume Up key on the side of your phone a few times to disable the mute mode and increase your device volume.
  • Windows: In your system tray, click the speaker icon and choose your desired volume level.
  • Mac: Press the Volume Up key to increase the volume and disable the mute mode.

Update Your Reddit Mobile App

If you don’t get sound in your Reddit mobile app, ensure you’re using the latest app version on your phone. Your Reddit app may be old and buggy, causing sound issues. In this case, update your app to fix your issue.

To do that on an Android phone, launch Play Store, find «Reddit», and tap «Update.»


If you’re on an iPhone, open App Store, tap the «Updates» tab, and choose «Update» next to «Reddit.»

When you’ve updated your app, launch the app and see if your videos play the audio.

Unmute Your Reddit Web Browser Tab

If you have an audio issue with Reddit on your desktop, ensure you haven’t muted the web browser tab in which Reddit is open. If you’ve done that, unmute the tab to get sound on Reddit.

You can do that by right-clicking your Reddit web browser tab and choosing «Unmute Site.»


Play your video, and you’ll get the audio.

Remember That the Video Itself May Be Muted

If you can’t get your video to play the audio despite following all of the above methods, your video itself may be muted. It’s possible the user who has uploaded the video has posted it without the audio part.

In this case, you can’t get your video to play the audio no matter what. Consider letting the original poster know that their video has no sound. If it’s a popular video, you can often use other video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo to find the version of your video that has audio.

And that’s what you do when you don’t get sound in your Reddit videos. Happy browsing your favorite site!

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