How to See Hidden Games on Steam

Key Takeaways

  • To find your hidden Steam games, open Steam and click on «View.» In the dropdown menu that appears, select Hidden Games, and you’ll see your hidden Steam games.
  • To unhide a game, right-click the game and under «Manage» choose «Remove From Hidden.»
  • If you want to delete a hidden game, right-click it and select «Uninstall».

Want to find your hidden Steam games so you can play, unhide, or delete them? It’s easy to do that, thanks to Steam’s user-friendly interface. We’ll show you how to do that as well as how to re-hide your games if you want. Let’s get started.

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Find Hidden Games on Steam

To view your hidden Steam games, all you have to do is access an option in the Steam app on your computer.

To start, launch Steam on your machine. In the app’s menu bar, select View > Hidden Games.

Choose View > Hidden Games.

On the following page, you’ll see all your hidden games.

Hidden games in Steam.

To play a hidden game, simply right-click the game and choose «Play.» Your game will launch as if it was never hidden.

And that’s it.

Unhide a Hidden Steam Game

To unhide a game and bring it to your main Steam library, simply choose an option in your Steam app.

Do that by launching Steam and accessing your hidden games from View > Hidden Games. Then, right-click the game you want to unhide and choose Manage > Remove From Hidden.

Select Manage > Remove From Hidden.

Instantly, Steam will unhide your game, and the game will appear in your main Steam library.

Delete a Hidden Game on Steam

If you don’t want to keep a hidden game anymore, delete it from Steam as follows.

Launch Steam and select View > Hidden Games. Right-click the game to delete and choose Manage > Uninstall.

Select Manage > Uninstall.

In the prompt, select «Uninstall» to delete the game.


Steam has removed your chosen game, and you’re all set.

Hide a Game on Steam

If you’d like to hide a game from your main Steam library, add it to your hidden game list as follows.

Open Steam and find the game to hide. Right-click this game and choose Manage > Hide This Game.

Select Manage > Hide This Game.

Steam has hidden your game, and you’ll now find it in the View > Hidden Games menu.

And that’s how you find your hidden Steam games and perform various actions on them. Enjoy your gaming sessions!

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