Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Celebrates 35th Anniversary With New Rohan Manga

2022 marks the 35th anniversary of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and the celebrations will kick off with a magazine featuring a new Rohan Kishibe manga.

A special 35th-anniversary magazine for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is set to release in March of 2022, and one of the many special features will be a brand new one-shot about the fan-favorite Stand-wielding mangaka, Rohan Kishibe.

The Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series began in 1987, so next year marks an incredible 35 years since it’s debut in Shonen Jump. The series is more popular than ever following its anime adaptation that started in 2012 which brought awareness of the series to a whole new generation of fans. 2021 wound up being a big year for the series, with the eighth part Jojolion coming to an end after 10 years, the announcement of a ninth installment entitled Jojolands, the debut of the series’ first spinoff manga with a writer besides series creator Hirohiko Araki, and the beginning of the anime based on part six. It seems this wave of popularity is set to continue into 2022 as the anniversary celebrations kick-off.


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The special issue of Jojo Magazine features brand new artwork of Stone Ocean-styled Jotaro and Jolyne Cujoh on the cover, as well as information on a new light novel set in the Jojo universe, interviews, behind-the-scenes on the anime, and a collection of exclusive stickers, according to the official Japanese Jojo website. Most notably, however, is the announcement of a 71-page one-shot featuring Rohan Kishibe, the latest in the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan spinoff series that’s written by Araki. Rohan Kishibe is a bit of an author avatar for Araki and one of his favorite characters, even if their personalities aren’t exactly a match. These Rohan one-shots have often been a strange and wonderful view into the truly unique world of Jojo, and four of them have so far been animated as OVAs, even translated and dubbed in English for Netflix. No details on the new one-shot’s content have been released, but so far most Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan chapters have had a stronger horror bent than Jojo, and have involved a variety of odd monsters that often have little to nothing to do with Stands (outside of Rohan’s) or other aspects of the broader lore of the series.

Kishibe Rohan Heaven's Door

While all eyes are eagerly awaiting information on Jojolands, the virtual event where the magazine was revealed featured a brief statement from Araki, declaring that the new part was still «in the works» and that work was proceeding smoothly. With no estimated window of when the first chapter is expected to arrive, fans can at least keep busy with the mountain of other new Jojo content recently, and there’s sure to be more big anniversary events throughout the year.

As of yet, no official English translation or release of the magazine or its new one-shot have been announced, but Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fans will surely get to read it sooner or later.

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