Just Tap, Tap, Clean With the Roborock App

If you’re using a Roborock smart vacuum, you will be enjoying an easy cleaning experience that is designed to make your home shine like new. That’s because Roborock puts customer care and a superior experience at the heart of all its cleaning solutions.

Continuing this commitment to customer delight, Roborock has upgraded and enhanced the Roborock app to give you more power and effortless control.

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Using the improved Roborock app, all you need to do is tap your phone’s screen to get your Roborock vacuum to work just the way you want. Yes, cleaning is much easier than you think with the Roborock app at your command. Just Tap. Tap. Clean.

What Makes the Roborock App Your Best Cleaning Buddy

A Roborock vacuum combined with the Roborock app is a powerful whole-house cleaning solution in your hands. With it, you’ll discover that the usual cleaning tasks are not only easier to do, but they get done faster too.

This new and easier cleaning experience that you can now enjoy is the result of the dedicated software development and innovations that Roborock has been carrying out for over a year. The Roborock team identified the problems faced by customers and programmed the app, its interface, and the functionalities accordingly. The focus has been to achieve the best cleaning, mapping, and obstacle-avoidance features for the various everyday scenarios of every family and home.

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The spills on the kitchen floor after breakfast, the mess after the parties, the tough-to-dodge spots around your children’s toys, and the bother of cleaning different floors at various levels—you can manage them all with a tap of the Roborock app and the proven cleaning power of Roborock vacuums.

Indeed, it’s time you upgraded to the ultimate one-tap cleaning technology for your home and lifestyle.

Discover the Tap, Tap, Clean Edge of the Roborock App

Sporting a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface, the Roborock app boasts several innovative features to make cleaning a breeze.

Map Your Home Precisely and Quickly

Woman Using Roborock App for Quick Mapping

Before the first cleaning, Roborock vacuums build a map of the whole house to understand the home environment. With the Roborock app guiding it, the Roborock vacuum doesn’t clean during quick mapping. Instead, it directly scans the environment as it walks, creating a detailed map on the Roborock app in real-time, which is six times faster than building a map while cleaning. And you get the best route for cleaning your home.

Customize Every Cleaning Task

Roborock Customized Cleaning Routines

Just tap the app to tell the robot where to clean: the full house, specific rooms, specific zones, or specific spots. You can also tap and choose how to clean: vac and mop both, vacuum only, mop, or apply customized settings for cleaning.

Schedule daily cleaning routines from anywhere using the app, even while you’re walking your dog. For example, you can set a routine for cleaning the dining area after meals. Just pick a time, a cleaning mode, and the rooms, and the routine will repeat automatically.

Moreover, you can use shortcut commands to start the cleaning or set a routine with just a tap on the app. You can set multiple commands in a shortcut command that will play out in sequence with a tap.

For carpets, you can activate carpet boost and the deep mode. This will clean carpets twice in one task. For the floor, you can have the robovac clean along its direction, allowing the seams to be cleaned while minimizing scraping against them.

Manage Your Virtual Home With a Tap or Two

3D Mapping of Home With Roborock App

The Roborock app displays your mapped virtual home, so you can easily control the movements of the robot vacuum. All you need to do is edit room layouts and the cleaning sequences and set up No-Go Zones on your map, with a tap or two.

Roborock App Smart Suggestions for No-Go Zones

The Roborock app also offers smart zone recommendations for obstacles like steps, and areas where the robovac repeatedly gets stuck. These automatically get added as forbidden zones on the map.

Avoid Obstacles and Risky Areas Effectively

Roborock Robot Vacuum Avoiding Obstacles on Floor

The advanced obstacle avoidance technology smartly avoids obstacles such as socks, furniture bases, wires, toys, and more, so you may never have to rescue or entangle a stuck robot. Or pick up objects before cleaning starts.

You will also find obstacle icons and their location on the map in the Roborock app.

Plus the app also marks risky areas and suggests No-Go zones automatically to prevent your Roborock vacuum from getting stuck.

Roborock App: Sit Back and Tap, Tap, Clean

There are many more conveniences that make the Roborock app an all-in-one solution, like scheduling off-peak charging and staying updated with real-time accessory status. Plus Video Calling from the app lets you check up on kids and pets when away.

Offering complete control at your fingertips, the Roborock app lets you take the backseat as it drives your robovac around your home to make it spotless like new. Just tap, tap, connect to the app and gear up for the delightful and easy tap, tap, clean experience powered by the Roborock app.

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