Leading Chinese AI entrepreneurs held closed-door meeting hosted by Alibaba


Prominent figures from Chinese tech companies convened for an exclusive meeting hosted by Alibaba Cloud and Founder Park in Hangzhou on Aug. 23, which saw Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang in attendance, according to a report by tech media outlet GeekPark. The report added that Zhang “kept writing notes” throughout the discussion. Lasting for over five hours, the meeting featured founders from Mobvoi, Sinovation Ventures, and LangBoat, who shared their thoughts on the ongoing developments in the domestic AI field and around large models. Kai-Fu Lee, who founded a new AI startup just four months prior, reportedly stated that effectively harnessing limited GPUs is a crucial factor in the competition among LLM companies. The meeting also emphasized that entrepreneurs should not “feel ashamed of” utilizing open-source models as continuous optimizations of these AI models would ultimately contribute to further enhancements for companies that integrate large models into their operations. [GeekPark, in Chinese]

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