Lowe’s Has One of Our Favorite Ego Electric Lawn Mowers for 30% Off

Despite the cooler temperatures that fall brings, the season can still be a period of active growth for your lawn. And one of the best ways to promote healthy development is to mow your property regularly. Doing so will help maintain an even height and can encourage dense growth. While we love a good gas-engine mower, battery-powered mowers offer quieter operation and require less maintenance, making them a good option for the average homeowner. That’s why we recommend this Ego Power+ 56-Volt Electric Lawn Mower, which is currently 30 percent off at Lowe’s.

Ego Power+ 56-Volt, 21-In. Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Power+ 56-Volt, 21-In. Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Ego Power+ 56-Volt, 21-In. Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

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Now 30% Off

Ego’s electric lawn mower ranks among the best electric lawn mowers and also earned a Yard and Garden Award this year thanks to its power, cut quality, bagging ability, and large cut area. The mower’s 12-amp-hour battery can help you cover 19,100 square feet on a single charge, according to Ego. In our testing, it mowed down the tallest and toughest grass and capably handled uneven terrain.

The mower’s power isn’t the only reason we like it. It can adapt automatically to your walking speed, so as you near the end of a row, it can slow down and coast to nearly a complete stop before you turn to make the next pass. The mower also features a digital display that allows you to monitor battery charge status, blade speed selection, and self-propel mode. There are also push buttons below the dash to adjust the blade speed and turn the headlight on or off. A push-button start tops off the user-friendly features.


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You can pick from eight cutting heights—1 to 4 inches—and the mower can mulch, bag, or side discharge the gas clippings for you. Its deck is 21 inches across, which is standard for residential walk-behind mowers. And, being electric, this Ego goes about its work without the exhaust and noise of its gas-powered cousins, so your neighbors may thank you.

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This sale ends on September 6, giving you time to act ahead of fall’s arrival.

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