Lucy Gray’s Final Line Reveals Her Main Katniss Difference (& Sets Up A Return)


  • Lucy Gray’s final words in The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes differentiate her from Katniss and suggest a potential return for her character.
  • The prequel subtly connects to the original Hunger Games films, allowing viewers to speculate on how the stories fit together.
  • Lucy Gray’s role as a performer sets her apart from Katniss, highlighting a key difference between the two strong female protagonists.

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Lucy Gray’s parting words to both Coriolanus Snow and the audience prove the biggest difference between her and Katniss and also set up a potential return of her character after The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes. One of the most riveting parts of the prequel to the extremely popular The Hunger Games franchise is how it manages to weave in connections to the original films and characters. These The Hunger Games tie-ins don’t feel forced but rather are quite subtle and allow viewers to theorize and speculate about how the films fit together.

Main character, Lucy Gray’s, final words in The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes serve as an example of the way the movie found a way to connect to its predecessor. Final words in a film are always incredibly important because they often reveal what viewers are meant to be left with after the end credits roll. In this case, Lucy Gray’s last words in the film served to differentiate her from who came after and also opened the door for her character to be further explored.

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Lucy Gray’s «Sugar» Line Is About Being A Performer – Which Is The Opposite Of Katniss

Given that the phrase «Well, I’m not made of sugar» is the last thing that Lucy Gray says before the movie’s conclusion, it is unsurprising that it holds significance. The line serves as a reminder that Lucy Gray is a performer first and foremost. She is simply putting on another performance, this time for an audience of one. At this moment, Lucy Gray is acting like she is just going to collect katniss, while she is really planning to run away from Snow. Not only does this remind audiences of who Lucy Gray is at her core, a tough and resilient performer, but it also highlights her main difference from Katniss.

While Lucy Gray is a performer through and through, Katniss is the complete opposite. She is not a natural performer at all but is instead a fighter and survivor. Whereas Lucy Gray thrives at putting on a show for an audience, Katniss shies away from the spotlight. Lucy Gray and Katniss are theorized to be connected because of their similarities in terms of being strong and independent female protagonists, but this key difference is one that sets the two apart.

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Lucy Gray Being A Performer Could Mean She Returns After The Ballad Of Songbirds & Snakes

Rachel Zegler as Lucy Gray singing into a microphone in The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

Given that the ending of The Ballads of Songbirds & Snakes did not give an answer as to Lucy Gray’s fate, there is a lot of curiosity and speculation surrounding a potential return of the character. While her main priority will likely always be staying alive and keeping herself safe, it is hard to believe that she would ever be able to stay away from the stage, and this perfectly sets up a return. Because she is a performer, wherever she ends up, her presence will likely be known. For example, if she finds her way to District 13, her performances would allow the franchise to revisit her.

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