Marvel’s New Infinity Stones Explained By Bonkers Theory With Compelling Evidence


  • The Infinity Stones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be gradually replaced with living characters as embodiments of each Stone.
  • Characters like Loki, America Chavez, Scarlet Witch, and potentially Adam Warlock represent different Stones based on their abilities and colors.
  • The Power Stone and Mind Stone are the only remaining Stones, and possible candidates to represent them include the High Evolutionary, Kang the Conqueror, She-Hulk, and Shang-Chi.

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A bonkers new theory for the Marvel Cinematic Universe suggests that the Infinity Stones are gradually being replaced. Following Thanos’ defeat in Avengers: Endgame and the restoration of the universe, the 6 Infinity Stones used by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were returned to their respective times in the past, clipping any branch realities that might have been created if they had remained missing. While this means the Infinity Stones are no more in the primary MCU going forward, a new theory claims the Stones are actually being replaced with some pretty compelling evidence.

As proposed by multiple posters on Reddit, a very crazy idea has been receiving some traction regarding the potential future of the Infinity Stones in the MCU. Even though Marvel’s Loki made the case that the six singularities were no longer as relevant due to the dawn of the multiverse and its alternate realities, it’s possible that they are instead being replaced with each one continuing to be represented on a cosmic level. Here’s the main idea behind the theory explained and how it could fit into the MCU going forward.

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MCU Characters Are Becoming The Embodiment Of The Infinity Stones

MCU Heroes as Infinity Stones Theory Image

Covered in tandem by more than a few Redditors, this new theory claims that the MCU is essentially re-building the Infinity Stones with living characters. For example, Loki represents the Time Stone due to his work with the TVA and his new «time-slipping» problem featured in Loki season 2. America Chavez and her ability to travel the multiverse represents the Space Stone, while the Scarlet Witch would be the embodiment of the Reality Stone thanks to her incredible chaos magic abilities.

While not as solid, it’s also suggested that Adam Warlock could represent the Soul Stone as he’s strongly connected to it in the original comics while also being a newer soul in the MCU. Furthermore, each of these characters matches the same color of the assigned Infinity Stone. Loki wears green and wields green magic while Wanda Maximoff has the same with red. America Chavez wears blue which matches her star-shaped portals, and Adam Warlock is a predominantly gold/orange-type color.

Predicting Who Could Represent The Two Missing Stones

Sam Wilson with other heroes in the MCU's Multiverse Saga

According to this new MCU theory, the only Stones and connected heroes left would be the Power Stone and Mind Stone. There are a few candidates who could represent the Power Stone such as the High Evolutionary or Kang the Conqueror, both of whom wield great power while also having purple in their appearance and armor. She-Hulk could also work with the purple elements in her suit. Conversely, perhaps Shang-Chi and the power from his Ten Rings could make him an option to embody the Mind Stone, though there is a version of the Vision still living in the MCU, having previously had the Mind Stone embedded in his forehead.

Regardless of the conjecture regarding the final two Infinity Stones, it’s quite an interesting and unorthodox idea for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Perhaps it could even lead to 6 heroes coming forward as living singularities to save the entire multiverse in the near future with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and/or Secret Wars. At the very least, there’s obviously some compelling evidence that’s been discovered thus far.

Source: Reddit

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