Netflix’s ‘You Are So Not Invited To My Bar Mitzvah’ + More

A new Adam Sandler comedy on Netflix brings together the entire Sandler family, while a new documentary on Apple TV+ about Carlos Ghosn reveals the story behind one of the most high profile CEO fugitives ever. And one of the year’s best adventure-comedies lands on Hulu this week, too.

Not sure which new releases to check out? Let us here at Decider help you figure out what to watch this weekend and where to stream it.

New Movies & Shows To Stream This Weekend: You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah, Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves + More

Adam Sandler stars in and produces his latest Netflix film You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah, a coming of age comedy in which he’s not the only Sandler to show off their comedy chops, his daughter Sunny, 14, plays the lead role. On Apple TV+, a new docuseries, Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn reveals the true story of the mysterious Nissan executive who smuggled himself out of Japan to evade prosecutors. And Hulu subscribers can now check out Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, the blockbuster dropped this week on the service.

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Adam Sandler’s relationship with Netflix is almost as intimate as his relationship with his wife and kids, so of course he managed to bring all of them together for You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah. The new comedy co-stars his daughters Sadie and Sunny, as well as his wife Jackie, for a sweet adaptation of Fiona Rosenbloom’s YA book about two best friends going through the hell that is middle school, as they deal with complicated friendships, boy troubles, and of course, their bat mitzvah ceremonies.

Carlos Ghosn was a titan of industry as the chairman of Nissan Motors. That all changed when he was arrested on charges that he misappropriated millions of dollars worth of the company’s funds for personal use. After his arrest, Ghosn stunned the world when he disappeared, literally smuggling himself out of Japan inside a box, to avoid capture. This new four-part Apple TV+ docuseries examines Ghosn’s legal issues, which are still ongoing, as well has the truly bizarre details of his escape.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves was one of last spring’s biggest hits thanks to it’s winning action-adventure-comedy combo. In it, Chris Pine plays Edgin Darvis, a Harper who joins with Holga (Michelle Rodriguez), a barbarian, and several others in order to rescue Edgin’s daughter Kira after she has been captured. Filled with exceptional supporting characters played by Justice Smith, Hugh Grant, and Regé-Jean Page, and more, the film is an entertaining adventure heist worth checking out now that it’s available on Hulu.

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where to watch dungeons & dragons: honor among thieves

Full List of New Movies and Shows on Streaming This Weekend:

The options above only scratch the surface, so you know that this weekend’s full lineup will have amazing options for what to watch this weekend! For the full breakdown of the best movies and shows to stream now, or if you’re still undecided on what to stream this weekend, then check out the complete list below:

New on Netflix – Full List

Released Thursday, August 24

Baki Hanma: Season 2 Part 2 (JP) *NETFLIX ANIME

Ragnarok: Season 3 (NO) *NETFLIX SERIES

Who is Erin Carter? (UK) *NETFLIX SERIES

Released Friday, August 25

Killer Book Club *NETFLIX FILM

You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah *NETFLIX FILM

New on Prime Video – Full List

Released Thursday, August 24

Mechanic: Resurrection (2016) (Freevee)

Thursday Night Football (2023) *Prime Video Original Series

Released Friday, August 25

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023) 

Red (2010)

Wayne Shorter: Zero Gravity (2023) *Prime Video Original Movie

New on Hulu – Full List

Released Thursday, August 24

How to Blow Up a Pipeline | 2022

My Fairy Troublemaker | 2022

Transfusion | 2023

Released Saturday, August 26

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation: Complete Season 1

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New on Disney+ – Full List

Released Friday, August 25

Cinderella 4K Remaster

Explorer: Lost in the Arctic

New on Apple TV+ – Full List

Released Friday, August 25

Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn


New on Paramount+ with Showtime – Full List

Released Thursday, August 24

Football Must Go On (Season 1)

Organ Trail

Released Friday, August 25


The Chi

New on Starz – Full List

Released Friday, August 25

Heels: Episode 205 – “Who the Hell is The Condamned?”

Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham: Episode 203 – “Taste of New Zealand”

Minx: Episode 206 – “This is our zig”

Released Saturday, August 26


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Here’s What Else Is Streaming New This August

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