Samsung Galaxy Phones Can Now Mirror to a Chromecast

If you have a Samsung phone, you probably know that One UI supports screen casting through Smart View. A big catch about it, though, is that Samsung only really makes Smart View compatible with Samsung TVs and Rokus through Miracast. Chromecasts, Android TV/Google TV boxes, Nest displays, and other Chromecast-compatible devices don’t work at all. That’s now changing, though.

It turns out that Samsung’s Smart View is compatible with Chromecast, thanks to some developer settings buried within the cast app. All you need to do to stream your phone’s screen through Chromecast is to dig through Smart View and find the hidden developer settings menu, and then turn on the feature.

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How do you do so, you ask? Easy — just long-press the Smart View tile in the quick settings, tap the three-dot icon and go to settings, access the «about Smart View» menu, and rapidly tap on the Smart View label ten times. When prompted, users should enter «#00rtsp00» (without the quotes) as the password. This will open the developer options menu, where users can enable the Google Cast toggle, allowing them to see all their Chromecast, Android TV, and Google TV devices when using Smart View.

These steps were reproduced on a Galaxy S23 Ultra and a Galaxy Z Fold 4 by our sister site Android Police, and I also corroborated them on my own device, a Galaxy S22 Ultra, while writing this article. Then again, all three of these devices are running One UI 5.1, so if you have an older version, your mileage may vary — you’re definitely welcome to try it out, though. Keep in mind that if you ever need to get into the dev panel once again, you’ll need to do the same process and enter the same password, so definitely keep it around.

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It’s hard to understand why exactly this isn’t a feature that’s available out of the box. The fact that Smart View only supports Miracast is a long-running complaint by users. But at least, you have a way to enable Chromecast support — even as it might be a bit complicated.

Source: Android Police

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