Simpsons Artist Draws All 241 Characters In Season 1, Epic Journey Took 18 Months


  • The Simpson’s season 1 introduced a wide range of beloved Springfield residents who continue to be a part of the show today.
  • While some season 1 characters fell into the background as the show progressed, others have made occasional comebacks in newer seasons.
  • Cooper’s project of drawing every single Simpson’s character is a celebration of the show’s history and offers a unique perspective on the beloved cast.

The Simpsons fan artist David Cooper sets out on an epic journey to draw every Simpsons character, beginning with an 18-month task to capture each of the original 241 Springfield residents seen in season 1. Following their debuts as part of an animated segment on The Tracy Ullman Show, The Simpsons made their full television debut in December 1981 with «Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire«. The Simpsons’ premiere episode was nominated for two Emmys, while episode 9 «Life in the Fast Lane« would win the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program, with season 1 ultimately leaving a strong impression for a show that continues to have a lasting impact.

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Ahead of the upcoming Simpsons season 35, every season 1 character has been drawn by Cooper and shared on his Twitter account, as he sets out to ultimately reimagine every Springfield resident who ever existed in his style.

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Beginning with season 1, Cooper placed the 5 core Simpsons family members at the front in a selection of their season 1 outfits, followed by the other 237 characters that appeared in the show in a process that took 18 months. Cooper’s artwork not only features the series’ recurring mainstays like Principal Skinner and Mr. Burns, but background characters and one-off guest characters including Babysitter Bandit Lucille Botzcowski, with Cooper sharing individual pieces through his Patreon. On the project, Cooper has this to say:

It’s been a highlight of my creative career, exploring one of my favourite shows in an interesting way. The Simpsons has been such a formative part of me as a person, and the ability to evaluate it at such a granular level has been a lot of fun and given me a fresh perspective. I hope to keep it going for a long time!

The Simpsons Season 1 Established Many Beloved Springfield Residents

The Simpsons Season 1

While The Simpsons season 1 set out to introduce the world to the now beloved animated family across its 13-episode original run, the series also quickly established the majority of Springfield’s residents that continue to be part of the show to this day. Not only did the season feature many characters that play key roles in the family’s lives, including Springfield Elementary bully Nelson Muntz, Homer’s fellow Moe’s Tavern regulars, and even less frequently seen figures like Kelsey Grammer’s clown-tuned-criminal Sideshow Bob. As such, season 1 developed a world that felt authentic, and was perfect for further exploration down the line.

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Despite this, not every The Simpsons season 1 character would have such a long-lasting impact, as many fell further into the background across the following seasons. Nelson’s two Weasel underlings that helped him torment kids in «Bart the General» would gradually make fewer appearances as the show found its footing, with Nelson ultimately being more tied to Jimbo, Dolf, and Kearny as time passed. This hasn’t stopped characters from returning in newer seasons after a long absence, including Marge’s one-time potential lover Jacques in season 34’s «Pin Gal«.

For longtime fan of the show, Cooper’s latest project is a perfect celebration of The Simpson‘s history. Not only does the artist reimagine the entirety of the show’s cast in his unique art style, but also pays tribute to many of its lesser know, but enjoyable characters. As such, many viewers of The Simpsons are sure to be eager to see Cooper’s takes on later seasons’ casts in the future as his project continues.

Source: David Cooper/Twitter

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