Spider-Man’s Sidekick Has a Huge Upgrade on Peter Parker’s Spider-Sense

Spider-Man‘s new sidekick Spider-Boy may not be the most welcome character in comics right now, but the young hero has a stunning ability nonetheless. Edge of Spider-Verse #3 provides a glimpse of Bailey Briggs’ current life and how he fits into Marvel’s timeline. More importantly, it shows a new twist on one of Spider-Man’s most iconic powers.

Edge of Spider-Verse #3 includes the story ‘Nobody Knows Who You Are,’ which has the creative team of Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos, Wayne Faucher, Edgar Delgado, and Joe Caramagna. It focuses on Spider-Boy, who debuted in Spider-Man #7 in 2023, making him a new addition to the Spider-Verse. Nonetheless, he has a classic ability: Spider-Sense.

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Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense Gets a Major Upgrade

spider-boy spider-sense spider-man spiderman

Typically, Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense works by alerting him to incoming danger in his vicinity slightly before it occurs. However, it has its limitations, such as not recognizing symbiotes like Venom and being unable to help him against sufficiently super-fast opponents. Spider-Boy’s Spidey-Sense also detects threats, but its precognitive reach is even more extreme. Bailey knows far further ahead of time when someone is going to be in danger, and receives psychic visions of where they are and what they’re doing, allowing him to swing to the rescue. On top of this, Spider-Boy connects to others via «psychic threads,» which can echo out to find those in need. In short, Spider-Boy’s Spider-Sense is more extensive, more versatile, and has a further precognitive reach ahead in time.

Spider-Boy Is a True Precog

Spider-Man's sidekick, Spider-Boy

Like Spider-Man, Spider-Boy’s Spider-Sense is an instinct he doesn’t always understand. In ‘Nobody Knows Who You Are,’ he searches for a psychic thread that could connect him with anyone who remembers him – as he has seemingly been excised from history. Spider-Boy gets a seemingly unrelated tip, viewing it as a «side quest.» Ultimately, however, it does prove beneficial in helping him make his first friend on Earth-616. Aiding Christina Xu as she faces Mr. Negative’s Inner Demons, she is familiar with the F.E.A.S.T. shelter and vouches for him, letting him return to a familiar place where he wasn’t welcome before when he was alone. Bailey’s Spider-Sense grants his request, but in a roundabout way he doesn’t understand until his mission is over.

Spider-Boy’s Spider-Sense is helping him remain a hero in a world where he no longer has many real connections. While other heroes can chase leads or get tips from associates, Spider-Boy is starting over fresh, so a power that directs him to who needs his help is ideal. It also shows the unique powers that make each of the Spider-Verse’s heroes special. Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense is one of the best-known powers in comics, but Spider-Boy’s psychic upgrade to it still manages to be a marked improvement.

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