Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: The Shield Hero Meets Nadia

In ‘Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari’ or ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero‘ season 3 episode 2 titled ‘Nadia,’ the titular protagonist learns some crucial information about the underground tournament in Zeltoble’s dark Coliseum. The Shield Hero and his comrades do well in the fights they are assigned and earn a lot of money. However, for their last fight, Naofumi along with his friends is expected to defeat Nadia, a strong warrior who almost never loses a battle. While the fight between them is intense, something else altogether concerns Rapthalia. Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari’ or ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero’ season 3 episode 2. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Shield Hero Meets Nadia

In their first battle, Naofumi and his comrades easily manage to overwhelm the opponents and win the fight. The audience there is impressed not realizing that the group has used illusion magic to make it seem as if they have been struggling before they won. When their next opponent is about to be announced, it is revealed that they have decided to forfeit for some mysterious reason, which means Naofumi will have to wait for his next fight. As he is drinking alone, he is joined by Nadia, another fighter who has shown interest in him ever since she saw him fighting.

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Nadia congratulates him on winning the first fight. But she also notices that Naofumi does not seem satisfied. It appears that he wants more of the prize money despite already betting on himself. She reveals that she just wants to drink with him. After a while, the Shield Hero asks her to tell her everything she knows. Interestingly, Nadia wants to go on a walk for them to have that discussion. When they are finally outside, she reveals that there will be round-robin tournaments now. Naofumi is still unable to understand why someone will choose to forfeit since it gives him an easy win and rest- a bad strategy for others if they want to win.

All of a sudden, Nadia and Naofumi are surrounded by men. They try to beat the duo but they are easily overwhelmed and get knocked out soon afterwards. It turns out that most people forfeit because of their fear of being ambushed. On the following day, the Shield Hero and his comrades make a lot of money in their subsequent fights through the fight rewards and the betting returns. Later when they visit the market, a merchant becomes their sponsor on the condition that Naofumi lets him open his stores on his land.

Naofumi Wins the Prize Money And Frees All Slaves

In the championship fight at the Coliseum, the Shield hero and his team find themselves up against the nigh-undefeated goddess of victory, Nadia. When they meet on the battlefield, she reveals that she knows that Naofumi is fighting to earn a fortune so that he can eventually buy slaves from the Lurolona village. When the fight starts, Nadia does well to show that she can handle battle alone despite being up against three strong opponents. But at one point when Filo leaps forward to attack, Nadia’s sponsors use a choral magic spell named Boundless Sea to submerge the entire battlefield.

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This gives Nadia an unfair advantage and the Shield Hero finds out soon afterwards. In the next few moments, she transforms into her demi-human form and starts to fight. But all of a sudden Rapthalia recognizes her as Sadeena. The duo reunite after a long time and Nadia finally recognizes that her opponent is none other than the Shield Hero himself. In the moments afterward, Nadia is defeated but her sponsor refuses to accept the result and starts an exhibition fight instead in which he pits the four of them against, the Murder Clown.

In the early moments of the fight, the Murder Clown looks too strong for Naofumi and his team. Then Nadia and the Shield Hero decide to give a choral spell to Rapthalia so that they can have an edge in the battle. This turns out to be an effective move since the Murder Clown is defeated single-handedly by Rapthalia. The sponsor against protests against the result pointed out the fact that Naofumi has been illegally betting on himself. But the merchant who made a deal with the Shield Hero earlier comes to his rescue and makes sure that he gets the prize and betting money. Furthermore, he also points out that Nadia is the rightful owner of the Lolorona slaves as she purchased them with prize money.

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