The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: The Girl and the Dragon

In ‘Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari’ or ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero‘ season 3 episode 7 titled ‘The Girl and the Dragon’ Naofumi seriously plans the village defense strategy as he is concerned about the Pheonix’s revival that is less than two months away now. Interestingly, the queen sends an exiled alchemist named Ratotille Anthreya to help the Shield Hero prepare for the battle ahead. He also gets a huge black dragon egg from Siltvelt. The Shield Hero with the help of his friends in the village looks after it until it hatches and is quite excited to get a powerful ally just before a major battle. Although the dragon comes from a very loyal breed, things take an unexpected turn after it ingests the Emperor’s Dragon Crown and flees.

Ratotille Anthreya Helps Naofumi With Her Alchemical Knowledge

Since the Phoenix is about to revive in just two months, the Shield Hero starts to feel the pressure. As a hero, he is expected to protect everyone and fight against the beast. But he must also look after his own village and its innocent inhabitants. Naofumi has already made arrangements to strengthen the defenses and his friends have started taking training as well. The overall morale seems high, but the Shield Hero is smart enough to know how quickly things can change on the battlefield.

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Just when Naofumi is preoccupied with these thoughts, he suddenly hears Filo shouting for help. When he finally sees her, he finds a woman trying to take a ride on her back. This woman later introduces herself as Ratotille Anthreya, an exiled alchemist from Faubrey, who was accused of causing trouble. She defends herself claiming that the people of Faubrey did not understand her work and jumped to horrible conclusions. Interestingly, Ratotille also has a letter from the queen with her, in which the latter makes the case that the alchemist can be of great help to the Shield Hero.

Naofumi inquires about Anthreya’s specialization and appears impressed to learn that her work extensively revolves around monsters and she knows quite a few ways to make them stronger. She is especially interested in Filo and wants to do a lot of experiments on her. Naofumi then takes her to the monsters in the village where he was raised. When they are there, the Shield Hero learns that Siltvelt also sent him a big black egg. They soon realize that it’s a dragon egg.

Since the dragon egg benefits from remaining close to Naofumi, he has to carry it around until it hatches. Later, he and Rapthalia meet Elhart who has made a high-quality Siderite Katana for the hero. Its skill is called Stardust Blade, which makes Naofumi feel that it has something to do with the Sword Hero’s blade abilities. The following night, Atla-san has a hard time falling asleep, so she asks her brother to sing her a lullaby. When he falls asleep, Atla-san sneaks out of the room and sleeps next to the Shield Hero. Naofumi and Rapthalia are quite mad at her for constantly disturbing the former’s sleep.

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The Dragon Egg Finally Hatches

The following morning, Naofumi and Rapthalia are shocked to notice that Ratotille Anthreya has already completed one of her big projects. She has successfully managed to build a camping plant for the inhabitants of the village. Interestingly, it has the capacity to absorb sunlight during the day and its flowers blossom because of that during the night. Just a few moments later, Naofumi and others learn that the dragon egg is hatching. They are quite excited and when the young dragon finally comes out of the nest, Anthreya informs them that he is a male wyr dragon who is considered one of the most loyal breeds.

Since it is an omnivore, Naofumi does not have to worry about preparing a special diet for it. He is then named Gaelion and the wyr dragon appears to like it as well. In the following days, Gaelion learns to fly and fight by training hard with others. It appears that he can be a great ally for the Shield Hero until something unexpected happens. One day, Gaelion enters Naofumi’s room in his presence and ends up ingesting the Emperor’s Dragon Crown. Although everyone tries to make him spit it out, it’s already too late. Gaelion suddenly grows into a huge dragon and becomes violent. He completely destroys, Naofumi’s house and then flies away towards the mountains.

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