Titans Showcases Beast Boy’s Full Power Ahead of New Villain Era

As Beast Boy heads for a new era as a terrifying villain in DC’s Beast World crossover, Titans is taking a moment to showcase his mastery of his shapeshifting powers… before they go totally haywire. A longtime member of the team from their Teen Titans days, Beast Boy has gone from the group’s immature jokester to an experienced hero who mentors the next generation. Unfortunately, while he doesn’t know it yet, Beast Boy’s next role will be as a threat to the planet.

However, before that, Beast Boy and Nightwing are infiltrating the Church of Blood, in Tom Taylor, Nicola Scott, Annette Kwok, and Wes Abbott’s Titans #3. Recently, the cult got a new leader in Brother Eternity, who even managed to recruit former Titans teammate Garth, aka Aqualad, to his congregation. In a preview of the issue from DC Comics, Dick and Garfield infiltrate the Church of Blood. Garfield’s arrival is a showcase of his fine-control over his powers, as he switches from the form of a bat to a swarm of bees to a mouse to hundreds of ants, silently infiltrating the building in order to disable its security. Dick and Garfield quickly discover the Church in the middle of a blood ritual, and leap in to bring Brother Eternity down.

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Titans’ Beast Boy Has Mastered His Powers… For Now

Titans-3-1 beast boy

Titans-3-2 beast boy

Titans-3-3 beast boy

Titans-3-4 beast boy


This show of Beast Boy’s power is no coincidence. DC fans know that in the upcoming Beast World, Beast Boy will become ‘Garro’ – a new version of Starro the Conqueror. As the alien being’s army of starfish drones interact with Beast Boy’s powers, heroes and villains across the world will be transformed into half-animal monsters, with ‘Garro’ unable to stop the process. With Batman transformed into a snarling werewolf and Black Adam becoming a ferocious lion-man, Beast Boy is about to unleash chaos, making this battle against the Church of Blood a last chance to show Garfield at his best.

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Garro Is Coming, as Beast Boy Nears Beast World

titans beast world

With this context, the comic shows a bittersweet moment – Beast Boy’s powers once made him a freak, but his years with the Titans have given him a found family, as well as making him a master of his animal transformations. Beast Boy has become a Godzilla-like kaiju, a dragon, and a host of alien animal species in order to save the world, and pulled it off every time. Now, though, he’ll face the threat so great that it originally brought the Justice League together, and lose himself to the worst case scenario – a world where his powers make him a monster, and put every one of his friends in danger.

Beast Boy is one of DC’s most beloved heroes, and Titans is giving fans one more experience of Garfield at his peak before Beast World arrives and the team’s light-hearted little brother becomes perhaps their biggest threat so far.

Titans #3 is coming from DC Comics September 19.

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