Veto Spoilers for Season 25

‘Big Brother’s latest Season 25 Veto competition already happened and there are spoilers floating around, thanks to details on the live feeds.

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Power of Veto
Source: CBS

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 25 of Big Brother.

Season 25 of Big Brother is off to a dramatic start. It doesn’t take long for alliances to form, even though it’s unclear how long each lasts. And the twists just keep coming.

But what fans want to know right now is if there are any Veto spoilers for Big Brother 25.

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Thanks to the live feeds, a lot of details about the game are released to the public before they make it to air. There’s only one live episode of Big Brother on TV per week, which means that viewers often know from the feeds who wins the Power of Veto, who is nominated for eviction, and sometimes who wins Head of Household before we see it on the show. And the Veto competition is no different.

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Reilly is on the block in Week 2 of Big Brother 25
Source: CBS

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What are the spoilers for ‘Big Brother 25’s latest Veto ceremony?

According to spoilers from the live feeds ahead of the Aug. 16 episode of Big Brother, Hisam wins the second Veto competition of the season. This makes this Veto Hisam’s second Veto win in a row and third overall comp win of the season so far.

Right now, he has all of the power in the house and that can be a dangerous thing.

Hisam previously put up Reilly and Cameron on the block and we don’t see that changing now. The only thing left for the houseguests to do is try to figure out where Hisam’s head is at, going into the Week 2 eviction while Reilly and Cameron each tried to plead their case to the HOH.

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Hisam from Big Brother 25
Source: CBS

Hisam is the second Power of Veto winner on ‘Big Brother 25.’

While Hisam is on a streak with two Veto wins and an HOH reign under his belt, things could fall for him from here. All it would take is for the Week 3 HOH to be from Reilly and Cameron’s alliance and then Hisam is sure to be a target as soon as his power his gone. Still, he’s making some serious moves and he seems unafraid to do what he wants.

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The next eviction episode of ‘Big Brother’ airs on Thursday, Aug. 17.

Anything can happen between the Veto ceremony and the live eviction episode. But right now, it looks like Hisam’s nominations will remain the same and one of the members of the Handful alliance is on their way out.

Catch Big Brother on Wednesdays and Sundays at 8 p.m. EST and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.


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