What Do White Nails Mean on TikTok? The Viral Trend Explained

If someone displays white fingernail polish in a TikTok video, then that means they are either single or not in a relationship.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

The Gist:

  • The white nail trend on TikTok started popping up in mid-2021.
  • Apparently, if you’ve got white nail polish on in a TikTok video, then that means you’re single or not in a relationship.

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Different social media platforms follow different rules. If you’re on Facebook, it’s likely you’ll see a lot of Minions memes from your mom’s friends floating around.

TikTok also has a set of rules that are new to some users. Take for instance the viral trends. You have the acronym ML, which is becoming increasingly a popular on social media and generally used between two people who are talking. And then there’s the white nail polish trend that doesn’t seem to fade away. But what does it mean whens someone coats their nails in white polish? We’re breaking down the trend here.

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What does white nail polish mean on TikTok?

Woman with white nail polish wearing a black and white and tweed dress.
Source: Getty Images

It’s a perfectly acceptable color to decorate your nails with, right? There’s nothing wrong with rocking that on your fingers and toes. So,why is there so much commentary about rocking this particular shade on TikTok?

Well, apparently if you’ve got white nail polish on in a TikTok video, then that means you’re single or not in a relationship. Blue, on the other hand, means that you’re spoken for.

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What do white toes mean on TikTok?

White nail polish might have a different meaning if it’s on your toes, according to TikTok. It could signal everything from the fact that you’re single (as white fingernails do) to the fact, that, according to at least one TikToker, you’re «a freak.» It seems that white nail polish, whether it’s on your fingernails or toenails, might indicate that you are single and ready to mingle … and maybe even do more than mingle.

So why the color white? Ever wonder why brides in many cultures don white gowns?

It’s a practice that dates back to Rome’s Republic, where brides would don white tunics as a symbol of purity and chastity. It was also a shout-out to Vesta, the goddess of hearth, home, and family. I know what you’re thinking: «Didn’t every Roman wear white gowns? Like the slimeball senators who gang-stabbed Julius Caesar?»

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But does that really explain why white nail polish on TikTok is equated with being single?

Honestly, it’s just a guess at this point. It’s important to note this is just the prevailing assumption on TikTok. It’s not like everyone who’s wearing white nail polish is trying to signal to the world that they’re not in a relationship.

So maybe if you are trying to figure out if someone’s open to the idea of romance with you and they’re wearing white nail polish, ask them if they go on TikTok a lot first.

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If you browse other social media platforms, like Twitter, it just seems that all mentions of white nail polish are just people expressing their affinity for the cosmetics trend.

#WhiteNails and #WhiteToes have also shown up in a number of different TikTok posts from people who describe the things that girls do/wear that are attractive.

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Other «weaknesses» that men mentioned: straight hair, curly hair, messy buns, glossy lips, braces, and fuzzy slippers. Apparently, doing makeup in front of a full-length body mirror while sitting on the floor, however, is a cue that a person will ruin your life.

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So, use that information in any way you see fit. Or not! This is social media we’re talking about here. It’s not exactly accurate personality science.


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