Where Are The Members Today?

Max’s ‘Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God’ is a documentary series that explores how Amy Carlson formed a religious organization, or a cult as deemed by some, called Love Has Won and claimed to be Mother God. It chronicles the journey of how she went from being a regular employee at McDonald’s to a spiritual guru, focusing on conspiracy theories, New Age spirituality, and mainstream religions. With the unique experiences that the members of the organization go through, the viewers are curious to know the whereabouts of some of their favorites.

Amy Carlson Passed Away in 2021

The leader of Love Has Won, Amy Carlson AKA Mother God, had been in poor health condition since 2020, due to alcohol abuse, anorexia, and ingestion of colloidal silver over a long period of time. In the last few weeks of her time on the planet, her skin had turned blue-grey in color, which is a symptom of consuming large amounts of colloidal silver. Finally, her body gave in as she took her final breath in April 2021 in the room at Callahan’s Mountain Lodge.

Even after Amy’s demise, the group members moved her body to the Mount Hood National Forest before resting her up in a home in Crestone, Colorado. In late April 2021, the police were informed about the mummified corpse of Amy, whose body they found in a sleeping bag wrapped in Christmas lights. After the members were charged accordingly for tampering with a dead body, Amy’s corpse was taken for an autopsy.

El Morya is Now a Spiritual Consultant in Florida

Known as El Morya in the organization, Ryan Kramer was given the title by Mother God herself. One of the prominent figures in the group, he reportedly relocated to Florida after Amy’s death and the dropping of criminal charges against him. While he claims to be a Spiritual Consultant on LinkedIn, he has more than 40,000 followers on Telegram. He was also interrogated by the police and questioned regarding the group’s $320,000.

Archeia Hope Hosts a 5D News Show With Archeia Aurora Today

Going by the name Archeia Hope given to her by Carlson, Ashley Peluso has not changed tracks even after the dissolution of the original organization. Even now, the 28-year-old adheres to the teachings imparted by Carlson and aims to spread them across the world. To do so, Peluso started a talk show titled ‘The Daily Disclosure Show’ alongside Archeia Aurora in mid-2021. Dubbed the “first 5D News Show on the Planet,” the show features the duo as they touch upon collective consciousness and various universal topics with the intention of connecting everyone with “the Unified Heart.”

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Image Credit: The Daily Disclosure/YouTube

Peluso and Suarez’s points of discussion range from national and international political climate, socio-economic issues, the divine entity, spiritual awakening, unified consciousness, and others. Though they post short clips on their eponymous YouTube channel which has over 600 subscribers, the entire episode of the show can be watched by subscribing to their website.

Archeia Aurora is Now The Co-Host of a Video Talk Show

Known by the members and followers of the organization as Archeia Aurora, Lauryn Suarez is still on the same path, very much aligned with carrying on the legacy of Love Has Won. To further her interest, the 32-year-old former lawyer from Florida joined hands with Ashley Peluso AKA Archeia Hope, and together they host a video podcast news show titled ‘The Daily Disclosure Show.’ Through their joint YouTube channel and website, the two share the knowledge they gained while they were members of the organization and pass opinions on everything that’s going on in the world.

Their goal is to “help you enter into Unity Consciousness, through the power of Our Hearts.” Aside from covering current events and talking in detail about how their energies affect our lives, the duo also covers Oracle reports and gives updates on Ascension. She still believes though their Mother God has ascended from the physical world, her spirit is still with them.

Commander Buddha Appears to Still be a Colorado Resident

Raised in a Catholic household in Southern California as Gabriel Gomez, Commander Buddha or Buddha Kuthumi always had a fascination for science and spirituality which further propelled after the tragedy that befell the country on 9/11. At Love Has Won, he played a significant role in managing the workings of the organization. Gomez was an expert in handling the activities of the group and appeared on their YouTube channel to spread their beliefs and ideologies among their followers.

Gomez is also the one who alleged in a livestream that a group of elites from around the world “are literally eating our children.” Following his contribution to what the members call the “planetary ascension of Mother God,” Gomez has sort of taken a back seat from the public sphere. Yet, as of writing, we believe he is leading a healthy life in Colorado, focusing on personal growth and creating art and music that he so loves.

Amerith White Eagle Continues to Hope For a Peaceful World

Amerith White Eagle is the man responsible for encouraging Amy Carlson to realize her divinity and embark on a path of spiritual growth and enlightenment after chatting with her on Lightworkers Org’s forums. After Carlson’s move to Colorado, it was she and Amerith— whom she once referred to as her “twin flame” and Father God — who worked towards getting Love Has Won (then known as Galactic Federation of Light) where it reached. Despite his disassociation with Carlson in the early 2010s, Amerith has continued to mark his presence in the spiritual world. The California native regularly shares his pearls of wisdom with like-minded individuals on online communities like The Galactic Free Press. Referring to himself as a “servant of love,” he dreams of a world driven by love in our hearts for each other and nature.

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Amerith enlightens his “sacred family” on social media about the joy of awakening and unified divine intelligence through his writings. He also has amazing taste in music and wraps up most of his thoughtful and profound captions with a music video from YouTube. The artist also knows his way around a canvas and often surprises his followers and friends with his vibrant artwork. Though it isn’t confirmed, we believe he has got a special someone in his life again. Amerith has dedicated a few of his posts to Cynthia Rainer, writing, in part, “my dear angel, before god i stand as all the love “i am”! God now as love’s life, forever, e.T. Phone home, set free to be, yes, my dear angel i love you just like this, always joyfully.”

Andrew Profaci is a Cancer Fighter Today

Andrew Ryan Profaci developed an inclination towards spirituality after meeting with an accident that not only took away his close friend but also hindered his ability to move for a few months. Hoping to turn his life around, he joined Love Has Won in 2014 and spent nearly a year as Father God to Carlson’s Mother God. However, years following his exit from the spiritual organization, Andrew exclaimed, “I would characterize it as a cult now.” Unveiling the true nature of the community, he added, “These people were solely focused on worshipping her as a Mother God instead of focusing on an awakening and helping people.”

In 2021, Andrew opened up about his time in Love Has Won to Dateline NBC and expressed his gratitude for being offered the platform to share his experience. It is imperative to note that Andrew stated he still has only love for Carlson in his heart and misses her dearly. On a professional front, the Business, Management and Marketing graduate has over a decade of experience in the field of Marketing and is currently the Digital Marketing Consultant at Andrew Ryan Marketing and SEM Specialist at AVB Marketing.

Unfortunately, Andrew’s path to leading a blissful and fulfilling life was hindered by his diagnosis of Stage 4 Testicular Cancer in December 2022. Andrew was soon informed that he had a long way to go even after several rounds of chemotherapy. As he was unable to work, he had to reach out to his followers for donations in relation to his medical expenses. Andrew didn’t let his condition dampen his spirit to live and he is fighting hard each day to emerge victorious against Cancer. In June 2022, the Cancer Fighter shared that he was heading to meet with the thoracic surgeon for his last surgery to become Cancer-free. On that positive note, we wish him the best in life.

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Erin is Now Leading a Quiet Life

Almost always on the verge of breaking down, Erin was a pivotal member of the Love Has Won organization during the tenure of Carlson. Putting her faith in Mother God, Erin believed that she always supported them no matter what, after all the members of the group were her children. However, she allegedly doesn’t get to meet her own kids as they were reportedly taken away from her by her mother, who likely thinks she is not in the state to share her life with them.

Archeia Faith Has Now Embraced a Life of Privacy

Avigail Lowes, known to the members and followers of Love Has Won as Archeia Faith, has always wanted to change the world for the better. Since a young age, she carried a belief that she was placed on planet Earth to bring about a massive positive change in the lives of its inhabitants. As per her understanding, Love Has Won was set to do just that and more. So with a dream of making this world a better place to live in, Lowes became a member of the spiritual organization.

Through her contributions and strong faith in the mission of Amy Carlson AKA Mother God, Lowes became a senior member of the group, traveling to over 50 countries to spread their message. It can’t be said with certainty but we won’t be surprised if Avigail would still be an unwavering supporter of Love Has Won’s mission. Though she has adopted a life of privacy following the disbanding of the group, we hope the former spiritual healer and chakra cleanser will be at peace with herself.

Mother Mary Has Likely Resumed Spiritual Life Coaching

Mother Mary was a beloved member of the new religious group. When she first joined the organization, Mary said she had a massive internal transformation and described it as “the most blessed day” of her life. As she spent more time with the members of the group, she felt a deeper connection with herself and experienced what she likely perceived as divine spiritual growth. Following the passing of the group leader Amy Carlson or Mother God in 2021, it is likely that Mother Mary has chosen to lead a life away from the eyes of the media. It is said that the Spiritual Life Coach and Commander Buddha were once roommates in Colorado, we don’t know if the situation is the same as of writing.

John Robertson Has Gone Under the Radar

One of the Father Gods, John Robertson was the partner of the leader of Love Has Won, Amy Carlson, for a significant amount of time. The former Marine Corps member joined the religious organization with the belief that Mother God was bound to ascend the planet and succeed in her ultimate mission, which is the reason why he stayed by her side for so long. As for his current whereabouts, he has decided to keep his private life under wraps.

Jason Castillo is Honoring the Legacy of Mother God

Making an entry as the self-proclaimed Father of All Creation, Jason Castillo brought some chaos to the organization along with him as things started to go haywire soon after he joined the group. He quit his job as a manager in Las Vegas and began his spiritual journey, thanks to Mother God. All it took for him to join Love Has Won was hearing her talk. As per sources, nowadays, Jason is the leader of a Colorado-based group known as Joy Rains.

Although convicted of drug charges in Wisconsin, it seems like he still leads Joy Rains, promoting the notion of Heaven on Earth. Jason Castillo now refers to himself as the incarnate of Mother Father of all creation. Jason runs a YouTube channel under the name LOVE HAS 1 JOY RAINS 2 and offers sessions for Christic Awakening.  On the personal front, he uses his social media platforms to share his music and other day-to-day updates alongside fellow follower of the new religious movement, Luna.

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