Where Are The Members Today?

Max’s ‘The Garden: Commune or Cult’ is a unique reality show that introduces viewers to a variety of people affiliated with the commune known as The Garden. Among the whispers of the community being a cult, several old as well as new members try to co-exist and see if they have what it takes to live off the grid. More than once, a person’s personal wants and needs might not go along with the commune’s established ways, which leads to various forms of conflict. Given the stories we get to see unfold in season 1 of the show, the world is eager to know where their favorites are these days.

Patrick Martion is a Proud Father

Patrick Martion, the founder of the commune that is known as The Garden, continues to live as a member of the group. Despite the fact that he was the one who made the commune a reality, Patrick insists that he is not the leader of the community and instead likes to be one of the council members who have equal power to decide how the group should function. He has indeed faced some backlash as many have accused him of not allowing any opposing ideas to thrive in the commune, something that he himself seems to disagree with. Presently, Patrick continues to live alongside other members of The Garden. He is happily married to his wife, Mai, and has a daughter named Ren.

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Tree Forester and Julia Heim Now Have Their Own Podcast

Let’s now talk about Jack “Tree” Forester and Julia Heim, who were some of the most prominent faces of The Garden that we are introduced to in the Max series. Following their exit from the commune, the couple seems to have embraced the traveler lifestyle and continues to move from one place to another to be a part of gatherings of like-minded people. They are also quite popular on TikTok, with Tree having over 127K followers. Together, they are also the minds behind ‘Community Culture,’ a podcast where they talk about various topics related to the world of intentional communities.

Tyler Milligan and Heather Carnahan Are Living the Off-Grid Life Today

Having just started their journey with The Garden when they appeared in the show, Tyler Milligan and Heather Carnahan seem to have embraced the off-grid with open arms. Recently, they celebrated five years of their relationship alongside three years of marriage and seem more than ever. As professional acrobats, they are much loved on social media and often post content on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Additionally, Tyler is set to become a published author with the release of his book, ‘State of Contempt: Ruination,’ in February 2024. The novel in question is the first in the State of Contempt series that Tyler came up with.

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Narayah Santi is Now a Content Creator

Since her exit from The Garden, Narayah Santi has not let go of the core reasons that attracted her to become a part of the commune in the very first place. Since her appearance in the Max series, she has received much love from many of the viewers. She herself continues to make content related to the peaceful lifestyle she has seemingly started to live. Additionally, Narayah has been more than open to talking about her experience with The Garden and the reasons why she left the group.

Tyler Covington is a Business Owner

Presently, Tyler “Oak” Covington lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He is happily married to his wife, Courtney Covington, and has four daughters, including Lily and Annsley. The Max star has also been an actor in various entertainment projects over the years, including ‘42,’ ‘Ozark,’ ‘Day Shift,’ and ‘Traffickers,’ among others. He has also been serving as a Life Insurance Agent for Senior Select Insurance Group since January 2015.

Additionally, Tyler is a part of The Covenant Group Insurance and Financial Services. He is also a Senior Business Analyst- Business Development for SMS Consulting, along with serving as a Marketing Manager of HomeCraft Gutter Protection. He actually started the latter job in July 2023. On May 8, 2023, Tyler became the Owner of Six Oaks Home and Design and presently serves as the CEO of the company.

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Tisheila Early Now Has Her Own Trucking Company

Up next, we have Tisheila Early (AKA Sheelah Love), who is based in Middleburg, Florida. The Max star has expanded her professional horizons quite recently. In January 2023, she became the Owner of Early Land & Dump, a company dedicated to providing trucking services to construction workers. Working as an Operator for the same, she seems quite happy with her accomplishment. Quite recently, specifically in October 2023, she left her job as a Truck driver for Cash Transfer Service. Tisheila is also active as a digital content creator who often talks about the polyamorous lifestyle, given that she herself is a part of the community. In fact, in the show, she is more than open about having a boyfriend (Larry) and a girlfriend.

Jessica Stahle is a Musician

We are also quite excited to talk about Jessica Stahle, who now lives in Los Angeles, California. The James Madison University graduate moved to the city in June 2021 and seems to be enjoying the West Coast. While she is certainly popular on TikTok, as evidenced by her more than 8K followers, Jessica is primarily active as a musician. Her first song, “Cold Hearted Killer,” was released on December 31, 2022, and she seems inclined to continue working in the field. She has also expressed interest in partaking in projects similar to the Max show.

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