Which Tesla Models Have the Longest Range?

Depending on where you live, range anxiety on EVs isn’t nearly as big of a concern as some make it out to be. Still, if you’re in the market for a new Tesla, here’s what you need to know about which models offer the longest range.

Many electric vehicles offer incredible range, but only a few can top the 400-mile mark. When EVs first started hitting the market, many didn’t provide that much range or even go as far as a tank of gas. Now, countless models can go over 300 miles on a charge. If that’s an important factor in your adventures, you’ll want one of these Teslas.

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Which Tesla Model Has the Most Range?

Tesla models compared by price and range.

Out of all the Tesla models and trim levels, the Model S has the longest range. Throughout the years, Tesla has released different range variants and trims for almost every electric car it offers.

Currently, the 2023 Tesla Model S is the top dog, giving owners 405 miles on a single charge. However, those types of distances aren’t anything new for the company, as it achieved that mark in 2020. More importantly, Tesla could have surpassed the 400-mile park a while back but instead focused on delivering an all-around excellent vehicle with solid range, performance, comfort, and handling instead of throwing a massive battery inside.

In 2020, Tesla’s North American Model S «Long Range» trim could travel a Tesla-estimated 402 miles per charge. Now, there’s no longer a long range option, and the updated base Model S gets an EPA-estimated 405 miles. Or, buyers can get the insanely fast Model S Plaid and see those numbers drop to 396.

Tesla Models Range Compared

Photograph of four different Tesla models at charging stations.


At the time of writing, Tesla has four different vehicle models for sale and will soon release its fifth, the Cybertruck. For now, buyers can choose from the Model S, the compact and affordable Model Y SUV, the Model 3, or the luxurious Model X. Each of those may come in different trim levels, which may include long-range, standard, performance, or Plaid variants.

However, it’s important to note that the different trims and range estimates vary by model, year, and even the country it’s released in. That said, here’s how the current lineup stacks up in the United States.

  • Tesla Model S – 405 miles per charge
  • Model S Plaid – 396 miles
  • Model X – 348 miles
  • Model 3 Long Range – 333 miles
  • Model X Plaid – 333 miles
  • Model Y Long Range – 330 miles
  • Model 3 Performance – 315 miles
  • Model Y Performance – 303 miles
  • Model 3 RWD – 272 miles
  • Model Y RWD – 260 miles

Remember that even though Tesla claims these ranges, and vehicles will display a remaining range while in use, that doesn’t necessarily mean your car will hit those numbers. A lot of factors go into overall mileage, plus multiple reports suggest that Tesla overinflates these numbers. Basically, your mileage may vary.

Now that you know what each Tesla has to offer regarding range, we can’t forget about price tags. Unfortunately, Tesla changes the price of its vehicles so much that we lost count a long time ago. Either way, the Model S is one of its most expensive vehicles. At one point, it retailed for over $100k, although it’s currently listed for a cool $74,990.

If you’re looking for the best range without breaking the bank, that award goes to the current year Tesla Model 3 Long Range. It’ll deliver an EPA-estimated 333 miles on a single charge for only $45,990, not to mention it qualifies for the full $7,500 federal EV tax credit.

In closing, your best bet is the Model S or one of the other models with the Long Range package. Interestingly enough, when Tesla first started teasing the Model S Plaid, Elon Musk said it’d deliver nearly 520 miles of range. Unfortunately, that never happened, but we are hearing rumors that at least one version of the Cybertruck could get over 500. We’ll believe it when we see it.

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