Why Boy Meets World Producer Michael Jacobs Isn’t On The Rewatch Podcast


  • Boy Meets World podcast features insightful interviews with actors and crew members, but notably excludes showrunner Michael Jacobs.
  • Danielle Fishel and Rider Strong discuss Jacobs’ toxic and controlling work environment on the set of Boy Meets World.
  • Fishel is open to having Jacobs on the podcast for a frank discussion about his behavior, while Strong opposes his inclusion.

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Michael Jacobs is the producer behind several classic TV shows, so his absence from the Boy Meets World podcast is odd. Boy Meets World is a seven-season family sitcom that aired between 1993 and 2000. The series chronicles the life of Cory Matthews (Ben Savage), and his friends and family are also featured regularly in the show. Characters like Topanga (Danielle Fishel), George Feeney (William Daniels), and Cory’s older brother Eric (Will Friedle) are icons of 90s television. In 2022, Rider Strong, who plays Shawn Hunter, Fishel; and Friedle began Pod Meets World, a podcast where the actors rewatch episodes of the show and discuss them.

Pod Meets World is a biweekly look into every episode of the series, and the insights the actors offer into filming are genuinely illuminating and fascinating. The three actors still have great chemistry all these years later, and they supplement the show with interviews with the various actors and crew members who worked on the series over the years. One of the people they notably have not had on the show is Michael Jacobs, the showrunner for Boy Meets World​​​​​​, and plenty of other sitcoms, including the high-concept Dinosaurs, Charles in Charge, and My Two Dads.

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Danielle Fishel & Other Boy Meets World Co-Star Discuss Michael Jacobs’ ‘Toxic Work Environment’

Shawn with his arm around Topanga smiling in Boy Meets World.

On the seventh episode of the podcast «David Trainer Meets World», released on July 17, 2022, series director David Trainer came on the podcast to discuss the working conditions on the show. The conversation turned to showrunner Michael Jacobs and the toxic and unpleasant work environment he created on set. Fishel recalled a time when Jacobs humiliated her in front of the whole crew, on her first day (via Good Housekeeping):

«Michael starts off the notes by saying: ‘Danielle, I’m going to give you your notes all at one time, at the end, and I’m going to give everyone else their notes now, because if I made everyone sit here through all of the notes I had for you, we would all be here for hours and no one would ever get to go home. So you’re just going to wait for the end.»

Fishel describes how embarrassing and scarring the experience was as a young actor, and made her fearful for her job for the rest of the series.

Strong added that Jacobs’ controlling and stifling style hampered the cast’s creativity, saying, «As an actor, the worst thing you can do to approach material is think that there’s a preexisting perfection that you need to reach up forTrainer was surprised and aghast to hear these comments, as he had worked with Jacobs frequently and had never seen this side of him. Incensed, Trainer considered that he may never want to be associated with Jacobs again after the podcast.

The Boy Meets World Cast Is Divided About Having Jacobs On The Podcast

Will Friedle as Eric Matthews grimacing on Boy Meets World.

Both Strong and Fishel had difficult experiences with Jacobs on the set of Boy Meets World, but Fishel seems to be more open to having Jacobs on the podcast. Fishel is always clear to say that she felt safe around Jacobs, an important caveat in the Hollywood landscape, but that his pressure and need for perfection created an unsuitable work environment. In an interview with Variety, Strong says he would not like Jacobs on the podcast, not for his behavior necessarily, but because having the showrunner on would defeat the purpose of discussing the series if Jacobs, as the creator, could make a definitive statement about anything he wanted.

Fishel says that she would be interested in having Jacobs on the podcast for the final episode if he were willing to have a frank discussion about his behavior. That seems unlikely for the Boy Meets World creator, considering how often he’s «unavailable for comment» regarding these accusations.

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